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Any band for any occasion, Life & Soul International can provide the right band for you. From internationally recognised bands to the very best of local talent, we can cater to your needs and your budget. By having years of experience in the entertainment industry it enables us to negotiate the best possible prices with numerous bands worldwide. We have chosen not to list examples of any big name bands as they need no explanation, and if you wanted to book them any of our staff would be able to do that for you. Instead we have chosen to list just a few of the bands who have worked with or been recommended to Life & Soul International. All the bands we book have talent and showmanship and bring alive any venue or party.


Jamtastic have been described by dignitary Sir Jimmy Saville OBE as "these guys are absolutely jamtastic". The Wessex heart beet charity ball has been quoted as saying "Jamtastic were a storming success (just as I knew they would be)". When Mike Mason from Bid-Up TV was asked about the band his reply was "When I'm asked the question, what makes for a great night out, I reply with one word....Jamtastic..... They can perform as a four or five piece band and can play anything from 60's classics to chart hits of today with style, talent and originality. Jamtastic love playing together and this comes across in their performances. Jon Carson was lucky enough to work with Lynn, Mark, Ginger and Andy on numerous occasions and defiantly recommends this band for any venue or party.

Jack Rabbit

Jack Rabbit Established in 2008, Jack Rabbit have quickly established themselves as one of the premier party bands on the south coast and it’s not difficult to see why with a growing list of clients and venues extending to guildhalls, night clubs and student unions supporting the likes of The Thrills, Maybe Winehouse and The Hoosiers
Whether playing at a public or corporate show, birthday party or wedding Jack Rabbit approach each event with the same professional attitude mixing an energetic mix of classic rock n roll, show tunes from the likes of the blues brothers and indie from the Kings of Leon to the Arctic Monkeys with the highest level of musicianship. You always get a fun and exciting night of entertainment that’s so infectious you want to see them again and again.


Rang-a-Tang is a rare animal indeed. The UK's favourite party band, they get even the most reluctant revellers up on the dance floor shaking their tail feathers. Playing an exhilarating mix of non-stop hits from the 60's right through to the naughties, all in their inimitable funky salsa style, there as much fun to watch as they are to listen to. Probably the only band in the world able to merge Blur's rousing "Song 2" seamlessly into Andy Williams' groovy "I love you baby", a Rang-a-Tang performance is always a thrill-a-minute roller coaster ride, which leaves audiences screaming for more. With 4 people playing a grand total of 16 instruments, some really nifty dance moves and literally boundless energy, they really are the monkey business.

Hello Super Hero

Hello Super Hero is currently made up of four members.
Danny Wright - Lead vocals and rhythm guitar
Malcolm Purdy - Backing vocals and bass guitar
Jack Howard - Lead guitar
Ryan Cherry - Drums
We have been playing under this formation for a good 3 years now and have found a sound that is truly ours. When asked to compare our music to other bands we have always struggled to answer that question as we really don't know who we sound like.
'They have got that melancholy sound associated with Muse, just not as asthmatic. But surprisingly that doesn't make them sound depressing. Instead they are a lively joy to listen to and shouldn't be missed.'


Rattlesnake was formed in March of 2006 although the concept was first conceived in the summer of 2005 by Will Wallner. Will started playing guitar in 2003 and was heavily influenced by Zakk Wylde, Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Pantera and Guns N' Roses. After spending his first two years of guitar playing practicing, this as the perfect opportunity to find the right people. Hidi was chosen for Bass, Mark on Drums. Both of these study on the same Music course as Will and share similar musical tastes. Finally, after hearing to many singers who sound like kids, Will decided to find an older voice to fill the Lead singer position. Tref was found over the internet and seemed like the perfect candidate to complete the Rattlesnake line-up. As all the songs were written they spent the next couple of months learning the set list and are currently writing new songs with the band.

The Flowerpot Men

The Flowerpot men: Formally Split 60 until two members left. Bill and Ben, a fantastic Duo, are firm fan favorites everywhere they go. Another band who can happily boast a 100% re-booking record.
Great guys, very talented and if you want to keep your customers happy then booking Split 30 is a sure fire way to do so.

The English Quarter

The English Quarter are a power-house rock band regularly delivering the 'Best Saturday Night' on the South Coast. The mighty sound is down to the sheer energy delivered by this unconventional three piece (Bass Drums Vocals and Electric guitar). The choice of material ranges from the sweet ballads of Crowded House and Paul Weller, through the familiar and untiring Stones, Beatles and Blues Brothers to the extremes offered by Primal Scream, The Clash and Sex Pistols. The English Quarter is not just a band, its a Saturday Night Experience. Playing every song as if their lives depended upon it, the EQ have attracted an army of followers and have notched up some notable performance both here and abroad. The EQ have a busy schedule in 2010 mainly due to their 100% 'asked-back' rating.

Slippery Soul

If you like your music live and funky then Slippery Soul are the band for you. Covering hits from all the soul and blues legends, great for Corporate Functions, Festivals and any Party. Our Soul Sisters' dance moves and vocals will get you out of your seats and onto the dance floor.

The Score

The Score The band started out as 'Moosey' and became 'The Score' after spending a lot of time with the former director of EMI records. Various magazines and news papers have followed their movements within the last few years and here is what some of them had to say....'AND' Magazine said “Over 700 people witnessed The Score, a fantastically energetic 4 piece, rock and roll their way into the judges hearts. Just, Digby, Trev and Scott walked off the stage to an enormous ovation, which shook the place quite literally!


Django formed at the back end of 2006 and is made up by former members of some of the best known ska bands on the south coast. It is our aim to perform material covering all genres of Ska from Trojan through to 3rd wave and Ska/Punk. We are currently writing material some of which is already in the set and aim to have recorded a few tunes within the next couple of months !
And just in case you were wondering, Django is pronounced "jan-go".


Time-Bomb formed out of the ashes of one of the countries greatest un-signed ska bands, 2 Tonic. 2 Tonic had established themselves as the tightest ska act on the circuit and were acclaimed for their original, self penned music, much of it written by Time-Bomb's own Keith Weston. From 2 Tonic, Time-Bomb get the signature powerhouse of the rhythm section Bass and Drums in Simon & Keith. Steve Green who was the original guitarist for 2 Tonic has been fronting Ruby Soho, a four piece with Keith on Drums for the past two years. A master of guitar and guitar collecting, Steve also has a fantastic signing voice. Guy Cowmeadow has been a long term 2 Tonic fan and just e-mailed Simon asking to be auditioned but had no experience. We were so impressed by his enthusiasm we gave him a go and here he is with an awesome voice, awesome stage presence and the cheek to go with it. Steve Hayes has played keyboards for everyone locally and ironically was auditioned by Time-Bomb band members in a previous band ten years ago. Steve just popped up again out of the blue. A life long Hammond Organ fan Steve brings that mighty sound to Time-Bomb. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you something special, I give you the revolution.


Innervision are one of the South's best function bands, entertaining audiences with a wide range of hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s right through to recent chart material. INNERVISION are the ideal band to book for Weddings, functions and parties and have over 10 years experience in this field having played at most of the popular wedding and function venues in the area. All the band members are experienced musicians with an in-depth understanding of the latest music technology. This has allowed us to invest in some of the latest sound and lighting equipment, guaranteeing the benefit of a superb live sound and a brilliant light show at every function we play. Put all of this into practice and we have no doubt that Innervision are the right band to make your function a highly successful and memorable occasion.

Six Bearded Fish

Six Bearded Fish or 'The Fish' are a four-piece function and originals band from Southampton in the UK. Formed in 2000, the four 'known' Fish are Tim Slater (Vocals, Harmonica & Percussion), Paul Thomas (Electric Guitar), Aidan Hampson (Bass, Electric Piano & Acoustic Guitar) and Rob Hampson (Drums, Percussion & Backing Vocals). The Fish are now focusing on function events and are available for hire throughout the southern counties of England. Suitable for weddings, parties, corporate functions, or similar, they are an established and experienced outfit with music spanning the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and more contemporary styles.


Screwloose are a female fronted 5 piece band consisting of drums, bass, guitar, percussion and vocals we play everything from modern pop covers to motown classics and are always guaranteed to get everyone on there feet and keep them there. Expect superb vocals and tight grooves from this energetic young band.

Bang Bang Lulu

Bang Bang Lulu are fast building a reputation as an exciting and energetic live act. Based in Portsmouth/Southampton, UK, they are currently appearing at live music venues all over the South Coast of England. If you like Ska, Northern Soul, and Mod influenced Beat music, and you have not yet found yourself dancing like a frenzied sweat monster at a BBL gig, then you might want to consider poppin along one night and seeing whats going down with this lot. Bang Bang Lulu first formed in 2005, the nucleus of the line up containing the ex Looney Toons/2 Tonic guys, Al Owen, Jason Richardson and Paul Mathieson along with long time Shamen buddy Gav Knight. Gary Plews and Dave Oakley (ex Hideaways) were subsequently recruited along with original vocalist Shannon.

After several live appearances Shannon left and was replaced by Captain Skalet (ex Fruit Farm) and Donna Bretton (ex Hideaways) on vocals. The varied musical styles that the band perform reflect the infuences and backgrounds of the initial band members. Al, Jas and Paul bringing years of experience playing Ska and Reggae and Gav adding his vast knowledge of the rare soul genre and his wide experience gained touring the world with artists like The Shamen, Marc Almond and Maroon Town. When Dave and Gary joined the band it added a love of 60's Hammond groove, mod, freakbeat and rally classics, plus a recognition of some of the finer moments of the late seventies/early eighties 2nd generation such as the Dexy's for example, and the more recent Ska revivalist acts. Finally with the addition of Capt. Skalet a.k.a and Donna, who both have a wide appreciation of all of the above genre's and more, the melting pot was coming to the boil nicely.

This blend of influences has shaped Bang Bang Lulu into an act with an almost uniquely varied repertoire, covering practically all aspects of the musical genre that can only be very loosely termed Mod or Scooter Scene related. For Bang Bang Lulu this genre covers Ska (from 60's to present day), Northern Soul, Vintage R&B, 60's/70's/80's pop, Hammond 'groove' and 60's garage.

Ry Byron

Ry Byron had a dream. A dream that one day music might have melodies again and that bands would try and put on a show and entertain their audience rather than stare at their shoes and pout with their cheek bones and tight jeans. Fuelled by the Genius of David Bowie, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Motown and many many more, he decided to try and bring 'songs' back to the world. Along with the best band in the world, this is slowly but surely starting to occur. Their live show is now legendry and stands out from all the blandness that surrounds them. With the ethos of putting the crowd first they are cutting the teeth from the Hydra of modern Indie. They intend to keep up the good fight and surround you with warmth deep into 2007.