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DJ's / Pubs / Clubs

For your venue you want a high quality standard of service at a price that you will know is great value for money.

So why should you use Life & Soul International to book the entertainment for your venue? The answer is simple, by making sure that the four key points below are taken care of. This gives you more time to run the venue, manage your other staff and even gives you more time to yourself.

Professionalism: All DJ's that work for Life and Soul International are experienced in many different forms of entertainment. From Cheesy Party Music right through to cutting edge Dance DJ's, we can provide them. The Entertainers that we book are of the highest standard with a vast array of experience.

More Cost Efective: We offer a competitive price that we are sure you'll be happy with and when you use Life & Soul International all year round or on a regular basis, your costs are reduced. This also includes reduced rates for New Years Eve / Christmas nights. The more nights that you use us, the less your costs are per night!

Flexibility: DJ's and Entertainers can be sourced for your venue in a matter of an hour. This is because we have numerous DJs & Entertainers around the country all operating to the high standard we require.

More Time Efective: Do you find that there is never enough hours in the day? If so then book your entertainment through us and take back that time. One call to us is all it will take for you to never have to worry about the entertainment in your venue again. This is because whatever Entertainment you require we can provide it for you. You will only have to deal with one source and we will only give you one invoice for each weeks worth of bookings made through us. Less paperwork & less searching & less hassle equates to More Time For You.
Many of our DJs & Entertainers have a vast experience working outside the UK in many different venues worldwide. They have spent time working in places such as Auckland, New York, Copenhagen, Bermuda, New Deli, Manila, Ibiza & Sydney to name a few.

They have also worked with many different corporations such as, Coca-Cola, Virgin, EMI, Slinky, Sundisessential, K1 & K2, Luminar Leisure, Mitchell & Butlers, Cunard, P&O, 2wentys and Heat-wave, giving them the experience required to be the very best in their field of Entertainment.

'I know that by now you are seriously considering taking advantage of the knowledge, experience and professionalism that Life & Soul International and I can offer your venue. We are one phone call away and you have nothing to lose! I look forward to working with you soon' Jon Carson, Managing Director.