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If you have a certain Disc Jockey in mind then Life & Soul International can deal with the booking of them for you. From Big name DJs of today like "Judge Jules" to top names of yesteryear like "Tony Blackburn".

Below we have listed just a few DJs who work with Life & Soul International regularly. Please note that the DJs listed below are in high demand all year round so booking in advance is essential. If time is not on your side that is not a problem. All DJs who work for Life & Soul International are professionals and of the highest standard. We just couldn't fit everyone on the page!

Jon Carson

Jon Carson is the owner and Managing Director of Life & Soul International. Brought up as a DJ, Jon landed his first residency at the age of fourteen and has never looked back. He was the Senior Resident DJ for the P&O fleet of cruise liners, working on all of their ships which have taken him round the world more times than even he can remember. Jon has also worked in numerous venues around the world and in early 2004 completed a successful tour of Hong Kong and New Zealand. Jon believes the only way to run a successful business is by keeping your finger on the pulse so continuing to work as a DJ is something Jon will never give up as he is in constant high demand and loves to entertain. Jon is the Life & Soul of any venue or party.

Phil C

One of the south coasts finest DJ’s. Phil ha been a Resident DJ in some of the top venues in the south for many years now. During his career he has played to hundreds of thousands of people, a resident DJ in a top Caribbean nightclub a few years ago, regular DJ sets multiple times a year in Ibiza and with numerous residencies in the UK Phil is a busy man. Always looking for the next challenge Phil C, the consummate professional, can make any night an event not to be missed.

Darren Payne

Darran (Dazzling Daz) started his DJing life as a Drum & Bass / Jungle DJ. After honing his skills on the turntables, Darran has made a seamless transition into the commercial market. From the 80's classics to today's Dance & R&B, nothing is a problem for Dazzling Daz! His technical ability matches his personality. When Jon Carson is asked about Darran the first thing he'll always say is 'he's such a nice guy and what a top jock too!' and this makes Darran the perfect DJ for any venue.

Neil Sackley

Neil Sackley is someone you know you have seen or heard but it will take you a moment to place where. The reason for this is that for over a decade Neil has been working all over the UK be it on the Radio or in clubs, providing people with hours of quality entertainment. Almost any time a new Venue has been opened Neil has been asked to do it .With his outstanding music knowledge and experience from the BBC Neil continues to fill venues on a weekly basis.

Richard Dore-Dennis

Richard is everything you could want in a party DJ. His energy, enthusiasm and personality is spurred on by the love for his job. As an ex 70's dance troop member Richard's alter ego 'DJ 70's Rich' can be seen playing in the Flares bars on the south coast. Richard would be a tremendous asset to anywhere that requires party music from any era!

The Fudge

It's hard to know where to start when talking about Dan Fudge or The Fudge. His ability as a DJ is often overlooked as his personality is HUGE. He's funny, quick witted and has an amazing passion for his work. Often found to be jumping on top of the decks or running around the venue he is a DJ that has to be seen to be believed. Being an ex Red Coat, and working as DJ on numerous cruise ships Fudge has 'been there and done that' but does not have the 'been there and done that' arrogance that so many others would have picked up. A great guy and a true asset to Life & Soul International. You really have to see it to believe it!

Steve Earley

After taking some time away from being a DJ in late '06 early '07 to be a Banker, that's Banker with a B, Big Steve is back with more to offer than ever. With no exaggeration Big Steve has received accolades from every single gig he has done since his return. From both management and the public Steve has received praise, compliments and they just keep coming.

Laz Az

The Welsh Italian, What a combo! Laz has been a DJ for many years now and is a Joy to see perform. Everyone really gravitates to Laz, from customers to staff, everyone looks forward to the return of Laz to there venue. He has the knowledge of the music, the ability to read the crowd and the unprecedented talent of simply being liked by all who meet him and all this explains why he is constantly in demand in venues from Cardiff to London and everywhere in between!

Jon Coleman

Jon is an ex-Jumpin' Jaks DJ who has been in the industry all his life. A born entertainer, Jon is really happy when performing and it shows. When working with Jon for the first time after a few moments he will make you feel like you have known him forever due to his ability to fit into any team. Be it management of a club or events/party organisers.

Mark Farran

Life & Soul Internationals very own award winning DJ. Over the years Mark has worked in numerous venues and for various agencies. Now he's found his home with Life & Soul and things couldn't have worked out better. An asset to our company and to every venue he works in Mark has the talent and ability to make every gig special and he makes everyone at that gig feel special too. Mark loves to be the star of his own show and every time he performs he truly is. People will come back to see Mark in a venue time and time again as he develops a bond with the people in attendance. Being always willing to help out in a jam is not what makes Mark a great guy. It's his whole personality and his approach to every situation, be it a performance to hundreds of people or a phone call to his agent Mark carries himself with a class a touch above most.

Paul Mico

From Radio to Night Clubs and from Mobile Discos to the golf course Paul has done it all. A good friend to all the local celebrities and some what of a local celebrity himself in his home town of Southampton Paul is still one of the finest DJs around. His dry sense of humour is second to none and his talent as a DJ is unparalleled. He is just as at home playing music from the 60's & 70's as he is playing House and R&B released on promos last week. Paul knows that in order to be one of the best he has to stay ahead of the game and is constantly adapting to today's market whilst keeping the same High Quality that people who book Paul have come to expect. With bookings for nearly every weekend of the year we strongly urge that you book Paul some time in advance of your Party or Function to avoid disappointment.

Kevin Dobbs

Lil' Kev is another of Life & Soul Internationals younger DJs but already he has honed his skills and played along side the likes of Radio 1's very own Dave Pearce and other big name DJ's. In '07 The opportunity to work for Life & Soul International on a Cruise Ship arose and Kev jumped at the chance. The Resident at a nightclub in Bognor Regis, Lil' Kev is proving that hard work and promotion go a long way. His passion for the nights he does is unprecedented and his commitment to any venue he works with is unsurpassed. His price is rising so book him fast!

James Cobb

Jay C starting DJing from the age of 19 and has already made his mark in the Balearic Islands. He has now returned back to the UK after a 3 year residency on Ibiza's sister island, Majorca. During the 3 years, he has DJ'd to thousands of European holiday makers in some of the biggest bars and clubs, including the well known BCM Planet Dance. His ability to mix all different types of music make him a venue friendly DJ, but has huge experience in electro, dubstep and funky house.

James Hewlett

James is one of Life & Soul Int's truly specialist DJs. If Rock, Indie or Alternative music from any decade is what you are looking for in a DJ, there is no one with more knowledge in this field than James. From 2004 James has been working with Life & Soul International providing the towns of Portsmouth and Southampton with their most successful rock nights, as well as other venues requiring his unique style across the south coast.

Pete LeGros

After working along side Pete for several years on the P&O Cruise Line, Jon Carson had this to say about Pete: 'Pete is a true professional; his ability to captivate and motivate a crowd is second to none. He has the talent to please and entertain everyone around him, everyone from the age of 9 to 99! Pete picks the right style of music that keeps everyone entertained and coupled with that the enthusiasm & personality of a great host makes for a party or event that is truly alive and kicking! Now that he's back on dry land I'm looking forward to working with him again.' For more info about Pete see www.mobilediscosouthampton.co.uk