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Life & Soul International

Life & Soul International can provide high quality entertainment for your venue, corporate function, party or Cruise Ship.

Why not take advantage of our expertise, just tell us your requirements and let us do the rest! We can provide a complete, professional and cost effective entertainment package for your corporate event, club, pub, party or agency. Please follow the links to the rest of our website to see the full range of our services. We hope that you will choose Life & Soul International to handle the entertainment at your venue, corporate function or party.

Truly Memorable Event:

There is so much that can be added to an event, why not take advantage of Life & Soul Internationals ability to put an entire event package together.
Picture this: Your guests can be guided to the event in their stretch limousine by Hollywood style Sky Scanning lights. Upon arrival they will walk down a red carpet with velvet ropes either side, holding back the paparazzi, entering your event in style then as they swan around the roulette and black-jack tables they are sure they've just walked past Sean Connery? All of this can be provided for you by Life & Soul International.

Our Entertainers have worked with many different corporations such as, Coca-Cola, Virgin, EMI, Sundisessential, K1 & K2, Luminar Leisure, Mitchell & Butlers, Cunard, P&O, 2wentys and Heat-wave to name a few so why not take advantage of the knowledge of our staff and let them bring the Life & Soul to your party.

We can even book your venue and transportation for you as well!

"I know that by now you are seriously considering taking advantage of the knowledge, experience and professionalism that Life & Soul International and I can offer you/your organisation. We are only one phone call away and you have nothing to lose! I look forward to working with you soon".
Jon Carson, Managing Director.

About Life & Soul International

"With this much experience and enthusiasm we can't fail". That was just part of the conversation between two friends back in 1999 that started the ball rolling in the formation of what would become Life & Soul International.

Jon Carson and Ben Wright were both working together on passenger cruise lines when they decided that it would be a good idea to take the knowledge and experience they have and make it work for themselves. Unusually, the name and what they wanted to achieve were the first things that were decided on. From that initial concept the company was moving in the right direction.

Jon Carson has over twentry years experience in the entertainment industry, being the son of the late Dave Carson, the former Radio Victory presenter and owner of Accolade Productions out of Southampton, Jon was born into and brought up in the often crazy world of entertainment. Never wanting to be given credit or work because of his name, Jon didn't take the name Carson until after his father passed away and it was only used then as a mark of respect. For a lot of people in the industry, this was the first time they found out the two were related!

The initial concept for Life & Soul International was for one big party that would include everything you could possibly think of and would be able to come to you. Everything from Magicians to Dancers, Bands and DJ's, Hosts, Front men and After dinner speakers as well as having the ability to bring in anything else the client requested.

Life & Soul International is run today by Jon Carson who has taken the original corporate idea of the company and adapted it to be able to be put to use in the leisure industry as well as the Corporate market. Life & Soul International are the fastest growing entertainment agency based on the south coast with multiple contracts at numerous venues. This has been achieved by Providing Total Entertainment Solutions to our clients and by insuring we only ever offer High Quality Entertainment to Any Venue or Occasion.

We are confident that you will choose Life & Soul International to handle the entertainment at your venue or party & we look forward to working with you soon.