A message from Jon Carson

"my wedding day was fantastic, but it should have been considering what I do for a living.

We had a great venue, nice transport and some fantastic entertainment.

A caricaturist drew people during the meal and gave them to the guests and we had a good PA system so the people at the back of the room could hear the bad jokes my bestman was making during the speeches!

The evening was great too with a band and a DJ keeping everyone entertained all night long. I like ska music and so we had a ska band play and because my wife had spent years as manager of a 70s themed nightclub anything from that era reminds her of work. Not what you want on your wedding day. We had a DJ that managed to keep everyone dancing without ever playing a song from that decade. It was perfect and kept my wife very happy.

That was our wedding, but we can help you with yours too. Everything from the venue, transport and little extras like PA systems and artists to bands and DJs.

You don't have to have a ska band and a DJ that doesn't play 70s music, that's just what we wanted.

It's your special day so you tell us what will make it special for you and let us do the rest."


Unlike some agencies we never treat your wedding as just another booking, every wedding to us is individual and we want to get it perfect for you.

Our Djs are experienced in both weddings and clubs and bars and love what they do.

As part of our service we like to meet with you before your wedding to get the perfect package for your big day.

If you want to make your wedding individual we offer different options –

Standard Wedding Package

  • Experienced & Smart DJ
  • Excellent Sound & Lighting
  • Your own playlist
  • A face to face meeting in advance

Exclusive Wedding Package

The standard package, Plus a choice of

  • Mood Lighting
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Uplit podiums around the dance floor
  • Lapel Microphones for the speeches

Subtle Wedding Package

A combination of the above but with Hidden Lights & Speakers, let you and your guests be the stars.

Speeches Package

  • Your choice of lapel mics or hand held mics
  • A clear professional sound system
  • Help yourself by using the tools of the professional speaker.

Vintage Wedding Package

  • A very specialist event for those having Vintage Weddings.
  • DJ & Assistant dressed in 50s Clothes from arrival to exit.
  • Equipment in keeping with the theme.

Retro Disco Package

  • For those who want something special and individual take your guests back in time to the 60s, 70s, or 80s.
  • Replica speakers – Modern Sound Old Look
  • Retro Lighting Effects and light boxes
  • Music from original records (where available)
  • Classic Car (1971) parked outside the venue
  • DJ and Assistant is clothes from the period.

Silent Disco Package

  • A complete headphone disco for your big day.
  • Two different Djs playing two different kinds of music
  • Headphones for all your guests
  • Excellent Lighting effects

Venue Dressing Packages

  • Go the extra mile with your venue,
  • Drapes, ceilings, lighting, anything is possible.

Exterior Lighting Package

  • Why not give your evening guests a wow factor as they arrive by lighting the outside of your venue.
  • Any colour can be achieved, and the colours can changed at the touch of a button.

LED Dance Floors

Why not dance with a colour changing dancefloor?


Mood lighting

Using Wireless LED technology we can paint your venue with light.

Our designers will can use the lights to highlight parts of the room. This can really make a good venue look amazing!


What you can expect from booking us

  • Music that you want to hear
  • Smart and Professional
  • Tidy equipment
  • Solutions and not problems
  • Friendly service, (if you have an idea just call us)
  • Call or email us to discuss how we can be a part of the best day of your lives.
  • We currently cover the South Coast, South Wales, and the M4 Corridor.

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